Early Life


Akshay Deoras was born in 1994 in Nagpur, a city in the central part of India. He completed his schooling from Somalwar High School and Junior College, Nikalas branch. Akshay’s teachers remember him for his keen interest in science and consistent academic performance. He was a student representative for two academic years and actively participated in many public speaking competitions as well as a few olympiads. For his outstanding performance in the Professor Maths contest, the National Education Society conferred the title of “Prof. (of) Maths” upon him in February 2003. While in year 12, Akshay was awarded the Nikalas Star Prize by his school for exceptional performance during 13 years of schooling, a record that remains unbroken till date.

Born to a family of professional badminton players, Akshay was naturally inclined to play the sport throughout his school days which built a competitive spirit in him. He also participated in a few badminton tournaments at the district level.